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Fight Night for PC / XBOX ONE / PS4

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edited September 2017
This is on my wishlist if it ever happens. Fight Night for PC would be my choice but I am willing to buy an XBOX ONE or PS4 for a current gen fight night. I am actually thinking about getting a ps3 just for the last fight night that was released. Any way what are your guys thoughts I actually came to this forum to post this and I saw someone also posted about this also. Looks like im not the only one :)


  • Also what I loved most about the last fight night is that it had Tyson and Ali. I'm not sure if it has Mayweather also but that's really cool, Tyson and Ali are my top 2 all time.
  • i would love it if they made a boxing game on next gen as im actually done with ufc2 if its not lagging its making shot land that have no possible WAY of landing
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