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Fight Night (Boxing)

How could you ever defy the sport of boxing by replacing it entirely with UFC? UFC is good but it isn't Boxing. You have thousands of true faithful boxing fans in an uproar. Fight Night 3 was a G.O.A.T game and the new story mode you developed in **** Champion in unison with it's analog punch control and knockout view had us boxing fans rallying behind EA Sports in its great presentation of in game Boxing. You haven't lost all of your loyal boxing fans yet thousands are still waiting with patience to see you provide a great comeback for the sport of boxing through your gaming company. I hope one day soon you listen to your fans who've been supporting you way before this whole UFC era and pull through for us with a new Fight Night.


  • FN3! Ahhh. I played on SONY. Loved that damn game. While I think FNC is a much better boxing game, I do have lots of love for 3. It is literally the pinnacle of my gaming career as I was the LH Champion for a couple weeks. Roy Jones Jr!!!

    I agree with you. I want a new Fight Night!!!!!

  • buy a ps3 in the mean time! dont support ea with this ufc garbage.
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