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I am coming to this as a huge fan of (organized) Fighting Games, such as the Fight Night series, as well as UFC. I was just wondering if there was any way for EA to try to spearhead Fight Night Champion into Xbox One backwards compatibility. Fight Night Champion is the 8th most popular sports game being voted on and if you don't include Racer Games such as Need for Speed and Forza than it is 2nd, only behind NCAA Football '14.

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  • Every week of every month, four of my friends and I, look for a return of Fight Night. I’ve been playing the series since it was Knockout Kings.

    We’ve even desperately signed some petitions that the creator swears will trigger EA into dropping a new ****. Sadly, I think this is just a dream.

    To me, I’m shocked that it isn’t even for rental in PSnow. You know what’s available for rental in PSnow? Rugby. Freaking Rugby.

    Why not Champions? It sucks.

    I still feel as if FNC was the best fighting game EA has ever dropped. I understand the popularity of UFC, as well as the decline in popularity in boxing, but that doesn’t mean we gamers won’t buy it.

    I swear, they could just re-release FNC on the newer systems, EXACTLY how it was, and I was buy it.

    Here’s to dreaming....
  • RIGHT?! Like seriously just give us the option! I went and bought a ps3 today just to play!
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