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UFC 3 Striking Breakdown

GPD's striking breakdown is finally up on the site! Give it a read and fire back any feedback or questions you have.


There's a good thread going on at Operation Sports which has lots of Q&A already on it if you'd like to read that as well.



  • I commented on their FB post I saw just a couple minutes ago, but yeah, it looks like they've totally overhauled the entire striking and stamina system. If that's for better or worse is yet to be determined..

    Is the striking in this game going to be used with the joystick or face buttons?
  • ^ Face buttons.

    Thanks for posting. So exciting. Can't wait to experience it myself.
  • I mean, I'm about as biased as possible on this, but I'd say it's unarguably changes for the better. We've had so many signs pointing in that direction, it's hard not to be excited about getting in peoples' hands.

    The dev team plays the game regularly for our own enjoyment, fighters have come in and picked it up in a couple hours and started winning fights because the systems are so realistic, the GCs have played it and many are now unable to go back to UFC 2... it's really a totally different game on the feet.
  • Thanks, Great breakdown, going to have to read it a few times to really soak it in all in, but I like the direction everything is moving in, will definitely be back with some questions.
  • Finally a MMA game that will take skill to be good at it. It will take me some time to master this chessgame.

    Great work from the devs! I can't wait to test the beta
  • Any info when they will send our codes?
  • GUCCI134 wrote: »
    Any info when they will send our codes?

    On the day the beta starts, more details on that on the EA SPORTS UFC twitter.
  • When does the ufc beta start in The uk Date/Time
  • I am loving all the changes and sadly can't go back to UFC 2 now....
    I really want to understand the lunge better. Specifically the basic left stick flick. I don't feel that I'm getting out of range as like the details explained. Sometimes I get just out of range of a jab/straight or hook but it's kinda rare. If the flick of left stick had more distance I think it would work better. The modified lunge creates too much distance backing up, which is okay but the basic one doesnt go far enough.
    Does that make sense? I just want to be able to get more of those hair thin missed strikes from my opponent and get back in the pocket between my combinations.
  • Are you going to be able to effectively combo with leg kicks like you could in EA UFC 1 & 2? It was a big problem in EA UFC 1 & 2.

    Anyone who has trained a day of muay thai in their life knows that the counter to a leg kick is a straight. If you hit me with a leg kick and hang around for a second it isn't going to generate anywhere near enough force to hurt me, let alone disrupt the punch coming towards you.

    Anyone who double leg kicks (same leg or alternate, doesn't matter) should be punished with a knock down if they are struck whilst throwing the second leg kick.

  • There are definitely ways to setup a good leg kick, as well as to punish them.

    If you eat a leg kick mid strike while your weight is planted on that leg, you take considerably more damage. However, if you hit the opponent in the middle of their kick, their face is also notably more vulnerable. Like most exchanges in UFC 3, proper timing is a very important factor.

    If opponents become predictable, there is always a reliable way to counter them.
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