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My thoughts on Ultimate Team*

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I would have thought the Battlefront fiasco would have caused enough damage, lol. I'm what you guys refer to as a "whale" and I want nothing to do with this convoluted microtransaction vortex you've replaced UT with.
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  • I don't see an incentive in paying real money for packs if we can't build a collection of permanent cards
  • Yeah think I will miss UFC 3 and stay with 2. Massive let down for me. Stand up is OK but the controls are shocking! fighter's look like there on ice when they move. How have EA managed to screw up what was a great game in UFC 2.
  • Really enjoyed UFC 2 UT, although it had some issues especially for new players once established ones could build strong newbie fighters. However this UT, where you cannot have a persistent fighter or choose your style is awful.
  • The thing I really don't like is that your now stuck with luck of the draw with being able to create the kind of high level CAF you want. You better hope you get the base you want. And the only way you get more slots is by drawing a gold card CAF card, let's see how rare that becomes. Also feel like I won't use perks because they expire and will always want to save them, or the champ cards if they disappear, hope the have a cool down period instead of a consumable. I will play UT, but I doubt I'm gonna buy packs this time, not going to spend money on a consumable collection of cards
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    same old pack money grab EA stuff ! it ruins everygame ! it doesnt work in individual sport !
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