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I don't get the point

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edited December 2017
I really don't understand this version of UT. I thought the point of this mode was to collect cards to create your own customized team of killer CAFs.
While UFC2 Ut had its frustrations, It was rewarding building your one discipline fighter into an all around beast. It was the only mode I played for the last year and was playing up till beta came out.
I don't get how we pick our base for a starting point, or build up from there.
I don't see how we can make a fighter customized to our personal fighting styles.
It seems like no matter what your fighter has to have a weak spot, so there's no ability to have a plan B for a game plan. Example if you have a wrestler who is getting shut down, you could rely on stand up skills for plan b. But with the limited slots available how do I build up their striking?


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