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Beta Impact?

Has any of the criticisms and concerns from the beta have led to any changes in UT? I know a lot of players are concerned with things like not being able to pick the base you want. That we're at the mercy of "loot crate" gambling now more than ever.
I never played UT before UFC2, but I totally got hooked on it. I always prefer fighting wth CAFs because of the ability to make a fighter for my style. I wasn't thrilled with the beta. I have to admit I feel like I've might have made a mistake on preordering the champs edition. For one I'm concerned that the champ cards expire, I payed extra for this content and it isn't permanent?
I didn't get a sense of how the perk system effects fights like they did in UFC2, and now that they're consumable, I feel like I won't use them, because I'll always be saving them because the RNG I s stingy as hell when it comes to good pulls. Also I don't like having real fighters in UT, especially incomplete versions of real fighters. Using a Pettis who doesn't have kicks for example.
Also I do not see a progression system in building fighters, it's all down to if you get the right fighter card. I've always preferred using grapplers and building up striking, now that option becomes luck of the draw instead of a grinding build.
It's hard to believe that ea doesn't have some kind of behind the scenes system that will match you up with pay to win crowd to entice more micro transactions. I see this with battlefront 2, and there were definitely instances of this in UFC2, even though you love to tell me it's all in my head, but those match making loops were definitely there. I'm glad I got to play the beta because it broke me of UFC2 UT habit, I haven't been able to go back to 2 since.


  • PLEASE NOTE: I'm not an expert on our UT mode or even someone that really plays it so read this with some grains of salt.

    I too was curious about UT changes after the beta so I asked the lead producer last week or so. There have indeed been changes from feedback gathered during the beta, as that is the whole point of doing it.

    Firstly, some of yours qualms comes from misunderstanding the intended mechanics, which was not an uncommon issue it would seem, so let's clear some things up.

    UT has both CAF and Licensed fighters. Previously, there were some fighter cards that expired, but that was built into a sub-system of UT and not all fighters had this mechanic. That was more like 'rent-a-fighter,' and less of a fighter coming in a pack and then expiring a few days later. Due to this not being very intuitive, and us not having the resources to have a good enough tutorial/explanation within the mode I think this was removed for the time being. The very first fighter you get is now the only fighter which expires...I think.

    Similarly with the perks or with having to collect and use consumable cards to increase stats temporarily such as fitness: this was a very intended mechanic and change from UFC 2 UT, because it largely removes the issue of people going through UT with 100 OVR fighters in every stat and wicked move sets. You now have to build your fighter with a specific style or direction in mind, and can't simply max out everything and steamroll everyone you come across. The move set cards to attach to your fighter give stat increases while equipped, coupled with specific perks or consumables allows you to fight in the style you want without pushing too far into others.

    As to the RNG lootbox nature of the game (talking as a game and not a dev on this one), well that's the whole purpose of the mode I suppose. There are tons of modes outside of UT in UFC 3, both online and offline, so the fact that one singular mode has loot boxes doesn't bother me too much. If people don't wish to play the lottery, they certainly don't have to. For those who do enjoy the grind (which is not nearly as bad in our game as in many others I have found), or for those who are willing to spend money to save time, then they're welcome to do so. Personally, I've always tried to play such modes without paying, until I've put in enough additional hours into the content that I feel a little bit more money has been earned/warranted by the game.

    You're quite right that I like telling you we don't have a specific match making logic to put grinders against pay to win players. I enjoy saying this because it's true, and you think it is not, and that bothers me greatly. We have no logic which specifically matches you up against pay to win, just as we don't have logic to match you up against someone who is grinding it out. There are other things such as ping, ranking, fighter stats, etc. that are taken into account. How you got there, less so.

    In any case, yes we have looked at feedback and have made changes, as we will continue to do as long as we can after release.
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    Thanks for your feedback!
    So basically the system has been redesigned to prevent the creation of super CAFs? I'm kind of missing the point of UT then. I thought the end goal was to try and build superfighters/ complete mixed martial artist, if that's not the case, what is the end goal of this version of UT? Is it to build a fighter who is dominant in one area but will always have a glaring weakness?
    Like i said before, I like starting with a grappling base and building them into strikers as well, is that not going to be possible? And if grapplers can't become strikers as well, will they still be stuck with glass chins, no stamina or toughness?
    On another note, I need to clarify my perspective on the matchmaking loops. I believe you when you say that the system doesn't match you with other fighters based upon wether or not they are pay to play or grinders. The system doesn't know or care how you got there. However I do believe that system will match you up with a player who has more cards or a better set of cards, in a match where your clearly at a deficit and disadvantage, and without a playling the perfect game you're gonna lose.
    This is the kind of system that will entice you to consider making micro transactions. That was at the heart of the article I sent you a few posts back. That they (the developers) patented a system to encourage unfair/unequal matchups to boost their profits off a system that doesn't require a lot of overhead. The system doesn't care how you got it, but it definitely weighs what you have
    There was definitely some of this evidence to this in the patterns I found/encountered with my UT experience. Too often I would have the same pattern where I would go on a run beating all kinds of OVRs, then a losing streak to overpowered other players where no matter what I did I couldn't win. Very, very rarely would it be win one, lose one, and quite often once I lost, it would be several loses in row.
    On the other side of the coin I've had matches during my win streaks where I was clearly that hammer in that situation as well. I would be matched up with someone I fought before, but this time I'm able to steam roll them, everything would land, rock them with ease and basically be untouchable, meanwhile in the previous fight those advantages were gone. At one point I knew I was about to go on a epic losing streak because it would always start with a matchup against 98-100 OVR player usually the same one , who I could never do anything to inorder to win
    Again thank you for engaging with me on these topics, it's a relief to feel like I'm not just talking to a wall. Have a happy holidays Sky!
  • You do not have to have a glaring weakness, no. You can still have a well-rounded fighter who excels in a couple different areas, but we don't want any one fighter to be the best at everything.

    As to your continued thoughts about us fixing matches in people's favor...it simply doesn't happen. You're free to keep thinking it if you want, but I am not going to continue talking about it. Doesn't happen.
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