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Talked with Harvey on FB said to post here for DEVS !!!

I have a game idea that I feel would be great and would put another sport on the map ! Anyways, my idea is for a full blown out sport with atomsphere and commentary and full blown carreer with great character creation on a sweet BOWLING game as that area is NOT covered by ANYONE and deserves that attention as there are tons of family folks and like me who would snap that up without even hardly thinking, I'm starving for a full fledged game of Bowling, it hasn't been done since the PS1 days geeeez !

Please let me know you read this devs and if there is one in the works already or you like my idea or something so I know I'm not wasting my time here ! I've supported you guys for a very long time since the ps1 days at least and currently own several current EA Sports titles, and YES I 100% am getting UFC 3, on my way to pre-order it likely today in fact !

All the best but PLEASE give this some serious thought and knock the idea around together, I REALLY THINK IT WOULD GO OVER WELL AND FILL THAT VOID FOR THIS SPORT IT DESERVES, not just for avid gamers but many family folks could really get into this and learn about the sport !!!!!!!

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