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EA UFC 3 - Complete list of post-beta updates


Here's the full list of post-beta updates. In case you guys haven't seen it yet. There is some good stuff on there!


  • Thanks for posting this! If you're gonna change the Diaz signature triangle, just get rid of it all together. It was a great moment from an earlier era of UFC, and it cheapens it a little by turning it into something that didn't happen. Diaz isn't Tupac, he wasn't flipping gang signs while landing a no hands triangle. I can understand why you would chose to remove the double fingers, but they do allow such gestures in WWE games. And some could argue the "West side" gang symbol is just as offensive. I for one though it was hysterical and got a kick out of seeing little Easter eggs like that. If it's too offensive get rid of it all together.
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