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EA UFC3 Live Tuner Set Incoming (Latest: January 31)

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Gameplay Changes
-big increase to max stamina drain while grappling
-submission gate speed increase making it easier to escape submissions

Move Set Changes

Conor McGregor
-added back spinning side kick to the body
Cub Swanson
-Added back superman punch
-Added back spinning elbow

Various Stat and Record Changes

Edit: Live already apparently.
How do I remove all the spacing? It looks bad.
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  • @Yaari
    Is that a stamina drain to the bottom fighter?
  • Yaari
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    lung4444 wrote: »
    Is that a stamina drain to the bottom fighter?

    Previously, you lost practically no long term stamina if you spent a whole round grappling compared to a whole round striking.

    This broke the between round stamina regen meta.

    If you spend any significant amount of time on the ground, you'd end up with way too much stamina at the end of the fight.

    It was really obvious to me during the DJ stream when they fought a HW fight and ended the fight at full stamina.

    The goal of this change is to make a full round of active grappling drain a similar amount of long term stamina as a full round of active striking.

    Quote from GPD on OS.
    I cant give you anything more than that unfortunately.
  • Any chance we will get some fighter model updates? Cody, TJ, Aldo???
  • EA_Roger
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    @Yaari there has been more from @GameplayDevUFC !

    Gameplay Tuning

    -Increase long term stamina loss inflicted on opponent when striking to the body while grappling to make it net profitable

    -Slightly decrease long term stamina cost of grappling in general to counter balance

    Move Set Updates

    Bobby Green
    +Back Oblique Kick

    Choi Doo-Ho
    +Lead Roundhouse Head
    +Back Roundhouse Head

    Conor McGregor
    +Lead Side Kick Body

    Minotauro Nogueria
    +Clinch Attempt Double Under
    -Back Roundhouse Head
    +Submission Dom Crucifix_Americana
    +Transition Dom Sidecontrol To Crucifix

    Robert Whittaker
    +Lead Roundhouse Head

    Thomas Almeida
    +Lead Flying Double Knee Head
    +Back Spinning Elbow

    Carlos Condit
    +Added Submission Rubber Guard Omoplata
    +Added Transition Guard To Rubber Guard

    Charles Oliveira
    +Added Submission Clinch Dom Thai Flying Guillotine

    Daniel Cormier
    +Added Submission Ground Dom Backside Bulldog

    Perk Changes

    Anthony Johnson
    +Game Changer Level 5

    Choi Doo-Ho
    +Wakeup Call Level 3

    Minotauro Nogueria
    -Off The Back
    +Dirty Boxer Level 2
    +Guard Specialist Level 4

    Nick Diaz
    -Carved of Wood
    +Fluidity Level 3

    Raphael Assuncao
    +Tree Chopper Level

    *Please note that connecting to a player with a different tuner set may cause desyncs & the inability to match-make. The player with the outdated tuner will be forced to update his tuner in order to resume online match-making.
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  • Gameplay Changes

    -tuned down the long term stamina drain when being denied while grappling
    -remove the stamina tax on wrong direction denials while grappling
  • therealadlope
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    I need this "day 0" patch to fix the body spamming please this is cancerous. You could tell me to block it but with this fantastic vulnerability system two hooks and I'm knocked out.
  • How about a fix for this concept in the game that every fighter can get knocked down 5+ times and still be conscious? It's so unrealistic, it's killing the game for me personally. There are very few actual UFC fighters that could withstand the amount of damage that it takes sometimes to KO or TKO an opponent in UFC 3. Like, in real life, the referee would stop the fight before they let someone get that brutally beaten.

    It also sort of invalidates the very man on the cover of the game and his most famous KO of Jose Aldo in 13 seconds. I'm sitting here with Edson Barboza landing the same spinning wheel kick that he stiffed Terry Etim with and fighters are eating that thing clean to the jaw. Come on!

    Sorry. Lol. Also some more difficulty modes would be a nice touch, like something between easy and normal and then something between normal and pro. The difference between the difficulties is just too staggering. On Easy they barely defend themselves, and on Normal I lost more longevity in 1 fight than I did in 5 fights on easy. :3 just saying ( yes I suck at the game)
  • The stamina problem is nothing compared to the actual grappling/submission issues. Submission game is broken. This becomes evident in submission showdown where I can dominate legendary entire match, get a few close submissions, never let him attempt a submission, and he wins first submission attempt.
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