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UFC, ****, and PC.

So i'm a huge fan of fighting that have realistic aspects, for example the UFC games. However I only play on PC and haven't bought a console since the PS3 dropped and i've come to notice there aren't any up-to-date or even semi-cool looking fighting games on PC. Truthfully I don't understand why UFC has not moved to PC yet. I really don't think EA knows how much money they would be making if they moved it to PC surely the engine is compatible and as far as control mapping goes that shouldn't be too hard especially considering they could make it controller compatible or maybe even only controller on PC i've come to notice A LOT of PC gamers do actually own steam controllers etc. I really don't see why EA doesn't make the push to make these games on PC because there isn't really much to lose if they do it. They'd be making way more cash. In my opinion it's kinda annoying that there are no GOOD fighting games on PC and I really wish EA would just they have a fairly large user base that would love to play the UFC games on PC. Even if they just tried it with one game as a trial to test the waters type deal. I can say for a fact i'd fork up the money to play it as i'm sure plenty of people would.


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    Hey @TheOnlyHero007

    One of our moderators actually replied to a similar thread not so long ago:
    EA_DarDar wrote: »
    This is a question that was asked to the Dev team during the Livestream yesterday, you can find a clip of the answer here.


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