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Everything Wrong With UFC 3s New Striking...



  • Something that I have noticed in regards to footwork, I started a career mode and my stance was like Stephen Thompson's, so I tried to fight in a similar way. I trained so that my footwork was high as quick as possible and I also made my fighter tall so that I could have an advantage at range. But what I noticed is that when my opponents stepped away from the cage into my range and I tried to move back, they were all as fast moving forward as I was moving back. In reality when you watch Wonderboy's fights, he can move back and exit the range completely with his footwork at a speed which his opponent can't catch him with unless they are running. I hope that makes sense as I feel as though it is an issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Jamiea1862
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    The game is just bad and has somehow become their most unrealistic attempt to date:(
  • agree with most of it
  • Fergrim85
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    I think this one is how it is because they had a more bureaucratic than creative team of programmers go at it.

    UFC2 involved the creation of the game from the bones out, where UFC 3 is just basically bureaucratic modifications by a less invested group, all aimed at exposure to a wider market and increased monetization.

    Which I think is what is frustrating all of us the most. UFC 2 was clearly a labor of love, its focus on solid systems that could deliver infinite numbers of unique results as opposed to predictable ones much more closely mirrored reality. And most of the things wrong with UFC 3 seem to be places where the desire for monetization outweighs the desire to make a true mixed martial arts simulation.

    So we have a non-creative team basically doing an SEO + revenue enhancement pass on a game we loved and in the process ruining what made that game great, which was in the detail and realistic physics. Whatever problems it had, you FELT the mass of these two massive people clashing - and a hard hit to the head would elicit empathetic wincing.

    To be clear I think the UFC3 devs did a great job in executing their revision of the original project, I just think that 99% of the audience finds every single one of those changes has contributed overall to a worse and less fun experience. And often, it feels as if it's been specifically made worse or less fun specifically to get more money out of you (which is ludicrous after we already paid 60 dollars for the game.

    Hopefully the time comes when companies realize that letting the passionate and creative people loose will in the long run get them the mountains of profit they crave. Building a game to suck us dry at every turn just worsens the already extremely problematic relationship EA has with the public. And honestly, EA, all of you must be sick to your stomachs every day with doomsday jitters. It's the single most antagonistic relationship I've ever seen between customer and corporation. Not even in a love to hate way, but people genuinely feel deep offense and disgust - I'd love to work for your public outreach division, that's the kind of challenge I could find really satisfying.

    UFC 3 in comparison is soulless and utilitarian and as a result, it lacks the necessary qualities that comprise true quality in this genre. But I think we don't hear from the devs because they know it wasn't a work of passion for any of them but they are also proud of how well they executed the task they were asked to do with UFC 3, hence the occasional inappropriately emotional and highly defensive remarks we have seen in the past. I get it, I'd probably go to sleep dreaming of drop kicking forum registered customers if I had to deal with that degree of criticism regarding decisions that weren't mine to make.

    However, judging from the game itself, I'd say they probably hit every single item on corporate's wishlist for the title. That's what they were brought in to do, but they may as well as hang steaks around their necks and jump into a lion habitat as come to fans of the labor of love that was UFC 2 and try to explain why they ruined good simulation features in favor of more predictable ones (to quickly be able to please the masses by having every aspect of balance easy to tweak- it can't be easy to tweak and dynamic - ie imagine trying to tweak a dynamic ragdoll system to have a person fall into the same position each time - dynamic systems by their nature give unpredictable results and unpredictability is what business fears.

    Even though in this case, it was literally the heart and soul of their game and they only lost money and customers for having removed it.
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