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Details on the sub stats? (toughness, heart, endurance etc)

Is there any place where all of the stats that make up the 4 main categories of stats for the fighters are detailed or explained? Toughness, Heart, endurance and accuracy and the like? Like what they specifically do?


  • Wasicun
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    I totally agree with you. nothing in the manual atm.
  • Wasicun wrote: »
    I totally agree with you. nothing in the manual atm.

    I figured out that when you make a new character in career you can look at the details of what each little stat actually does in one of the screens where moves and perks are grayed out when you start a fighter in career mode, I think, I forget the name of it. I think it's the third one down in the menu where you can change your style and edit your fighters appearance and general info and stuff.

    Now lets see if I can remember what each one said lol.

    Accuracy - Your ability to hit a moving target. So I suppose any time the other character is moving left, right backward or forward or is swaying, it should basically increase the likelyhood a strike would connect. Which sort of makes it an offshoot of the striking speed stat, but w/e.

    Heart - The time it takes health to recover on your individual body parts when they are damage, and it also decreases the amount of time you experience a critical event.

    Endurance - The rate at which your stamina recovers.

    Toughness - How much health you can recover from damage taken in a round during the round, and also how much health you recover on the stool. I also heard someone on youtube say that toughness can increase your longevity in career mode, but i'm not sure about that cus it wasn't written in the description.
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