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Fed up

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What's taking you all so long to make a change to body shots there's no repercussion for those that spam it. I kept rocking him over and over and over. Had him rocked at least 7 times and he would not go down but when he damages my body and my head I have nothing to do. How are you going to tell us how to "beat" them but this game is so arcadey that I can't finish him after 7 rocks. Let's be real, he's got a concussion. NO ONE is taking that much damage.
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  • Jamiea1862
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    This is UFC meets street fighter though... unfortunately.

    The invisible force field round fighters = many lols
  • Agreed there is just to much rocking and knockdowns and not enought knocking out or finishing fights I just had a fight were I rocked this dude 10 times! 10!!! And I had 5 knockdown but yet he won because he just spamned leg kicks all fight.he should have been out no fighter can take that much punishment none!
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