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Completing Jiu Jitsu drills in career mode

I'm having difficulty completing any of the submission drills in order to get perks and new moves. It seems like there is something I'm missing. I can't even hold position in guard or side control for more than 10 or 15 seconds. I'm holding down r2 and moving the r analog in the direction it says. I'm a just too slow or what? Any tips would be much appreciated.


  • I take it you are flicking the RS to defend the transition right?
  • No, I hold it. It works the first time or two, but that's it.
  • You may be getting thrown off by the submission chaining. Try to avoid flicking the stick when the indicator is green instead of blue.
  • You need to flick the RS to defend the transition a couple of times the sink in the submission. Haven’t had any issues doing this.
  • So it's a flick of the stick rather than holding it? That's prolly my mistake
  • Do you have decent stats for the ground game? Ealy in my career i had the same problem as you have. I simply avoided learning new moves until my stats where up to par. When training remember that your fitness influences how many points you gain. I found it best to do a spar as soon as you're able and then train to update your stats
  • Ditto the above. You flick it, and yeah - you have to have half-decent stats in the required disciplines (like, over 70) for it not to be virtually impossible. (I'm only using "normal" difficulty). Don't bother "learning" new moves before you've got your top and bottom game stats at-least above 70.

    Well ... you could probably still beat Sam Punk. :) (seriously, he's ridiculously easy to grapple against in the game).
  • What is the point in holding a position for that long? I don't see the point doing nothing on the ground for an extended period of time, or even doing it at all. Is there some function or purpose that it has that I am not understanding? If somebody knew and could help me out I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks
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    This post is from February, 2018. Closing down to avoid further necroposting as OP likely moved on, @GabeShort23
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