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Flying submissions need to be changed, they shouldn't be 2 stage submissions... Also the inside leg kick to punch or head kick to punch especially with Joanna needs to be toned down. Wayyyy too fast. She doesn't even get here leg down yet and she's throwing a punch.


  • Many fighters are missing punches!? Rose namajunes not have a overhand right or left. Neither does Dos Anjos. Some fighters have no kicking game no teeps just basic kicks which is incorrect as many fighters throw the basic kciks and punches. Eg. Overhand -left -right ; front teep ; rear teep. Many fighters lack these basic moves.
  • I also feel pressing so many buttons for combos takes way he fluidity of the striking of the right trigger could've been used to sway body, keeping the movement and using the other trigger to throw punches, like uppercuts by tilting stick back, or hooks by titlting stick to the left or the right.
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