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Leaping takedowns

Why is it that 9/10 times you cannot stop this takedown. Why are they going 99 speed on their knees from all the way with their backs on the cage but you cannot stop it? Who have you seen in a UFC fight start a takedown from on the other side of the cage? A feature that needs to be tweaked. That animation is being exploited with all the high level grapplers.


  • takedowns are too heavy, with UFC 2 Division 7 player you have no chance to take him down .
  • Lol yes it's very unnatural looking and a bit frustrating lmao....I can't do anything but laugh at it because most of the time ppl do this particular animation is when they are getting killed or feel very uncomfortable standing up. They know this is an easy for sure takedown more than not even if the opposition times it perfect....best solution is to stay close to those who do this so the speed of the takedown isn't as crazy
  • heavy?? it is impossible to take a good opponent down who does not kick...if I want to I can keep every match standing...
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