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elbow knee

So people can just stand in front of you throwing elbows and knees constantly, okay cool.


  • People can stand and throw hooks and sway counter, elbows and knees gets them moving evens that out.
  • Not much you can do when you're put in an animation. Next
  • Hold L1 the either flick left or right stick away from opponent. You will do quick step back. There you got your seperation an reset rhythm of standup. NEXT!!
  • Slick-Trix407
    57 posts Member
    edited February 2018
    What in the world are you talking about. Im a real fighter & besides the slow combos of that ugly animated forearm “ elbow” strike & knees being happening it’s not OP whatsoever & very easy to disrupt against. You just don’t know how to fight if ur really getting hit by these forearm “elbow” strikes or knees. I fight & the combo speed of ufc 2 elbow strikes & knees were realistic. It’s slowed that very much in this game to the point where I don’t even do it. Especially with these ugly animated elbow strikes.
  • Enjoy me throwing 1,000 deadly combos.
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