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Why is it so easy to control the opponent?


  • Its not. Grappling is the only part of the game that actually makes sense with the exception of AI submission prowess. Striking is all that needs to be addressed and fixed.
  • EA_Roger
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    @SuckItAlexTrebek , since this topic was only posted shortly after the game launched the OP may have a different opinion 5 patches/tuners in and he may have also picked up on counters since as well :smile:
  • Nah Roger, you guys only destroyed the striking. Grappling didn't really change. Who are you trying to fool?
  • It wouldn't be so bad if there was a way to drain the grapplers stamina as well

    At the moment if you get someone who knows the grappling game then they just lie on top of you throwing punches while blocking every transition you try until you have no stamina left.. Maybe an option where like "hold" actually does something other than drain your own stamina

    I know that grappling is a big thing in the ufc but it just feels that if you're fighting someone who knows how to block all transitions then you just eventually lose unless you can deny all takedowns
  • The grappling has been OP Compared to striking since the first game. THQ had it down where it was a scary ordeal as you could time a flick stick counter on your opponent to sweep. So it was way more tactical. The single tie clinch is just too fast and OP to initiate grappling. Maybe keep the same speed of the clinch but make it go into Over/under which is way more realistic and less OP then single tie which can be used for Thai clinch or takedowns respectively.

    Once on top, any old monkey can block 2/3 directions with a high grapple stat. It's the exact reason you see people abuse it way more than any otther aspect, next to the muay thai clinch body knees of course that wreck your block. It's why people who aren't good at striking purposely purchase/buy grappling fighters just to abuse it even more in Ultimate team.

    Also, to point out, I don't lose often to these grapplers, it's just boringly frustrating that it's made so easy to hold someone in place and wait the round out if you so wish. And the fact they said that the stand up/getup action takes priority now after a patch, is also a lie. It's not that way at all. People can still overtake my standup or clinch break against the cage with a transition. It's so silly.
  • Its nuts, i see strikers with 69 TDD and 70 CCON and they still deny all takedowns and most clinch attempts.

    Grappling and takedowns are really easy to deny.

    also in regards to strikers being able to drain the stamina , they just have to work the body.
  • Grappling in all honesty is the only not broken part of the game. You have to build your grappling advantage then go for transitions. And if you're a striker dump all of your grappling into bottom game so you can get up easier. Striking is what needs fixed. Not grappling.
  • Cage_War
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    they need to make it like real life guy on ground should be abel to scoot away from the guy on top to work his back to the cage or to get up from ground instantly like thq ufc 3 in real life you cant hold a man down all the time only in certain positions can you hold a man down and you use alot of energy and strenghth trying to hold a man down on the ground i wrestled in high school and did mma EA please listen
  • They need to drain mana on both halves at least.. Or at least change the ground and pound punches..

    I don't know whether its just me but sometimes I get punched and I'm just like aimlessly but slowly flailing my arms around while my guy tries to work out what a block is

    Also throwing a punch, especially a heavy punch should make the attacker at least more vulnerable to a transition..

    There's a few things that frustrate me about this game but when someone puts me on the ground and then blocks 3-4 transitions I just feel like giving up
  • @compromise Sadly they need to do a LOT of things, but each patch they ruin striking and make grappling stronger. It's really absurd.
  • @PiggidyPanda they have increased grappling but lets be fair at the start it was so easy for people to deny takedowns and was an absolute stand up fest

    the game is a lot more balanced now IMO
  • Plutxcracies
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    @PiggidyPanda I couldn't agree more, especially since the latest patch where they have fighters faster ground and pound speeds. I've been playing ranked, and it's gotten to the point where I just quit if I run into a Daniel Cormier or a Jon Jones bc once you hit the ground theres NOTHING you can do if they know their transitions. Wanna arm trap? Nah they hit too fast now, wanna do a transition? Nah they punch you and deny it or they just deny it in general. This game is sucking grapplers **** and I'm tired of it. How about giving the person on bottom a harder strike that can brutalize like an elbow can, at this point I block, go for the arm trap and they elbow me, then i cant block for another hit, now my head healths already about done, I got no stamina bc apparently one denial completely drains all of a fighters ability.

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  • Takedowns were easy to deny if they were bad takedown attempts. At least they got rid of the sliding halfway across the cage double. But if you had good timing there was never any reason you couldn't score a takedown. The way its easy to cheese a bad grapple system once it hits the ground is just the worst tho. Let me just sit here and fake one direction until the game doesn't allow my opponent to do anything about my real transition even if he pre denies it. I didn't even used to grapple because it was so cheese but now I use it because if you don't cheese you can't beat cheese often. It's a conor bobblehead fest forever or a gsp lay on top and do nothing but body spam game online. There isn't variety in the gameplay. And that is the biggest problem here.
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