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Just keep getting duplicate gold cafs

I grinded my way crafting tokens 3 different times to get gold cafs and every single time I’ve gotten the exact same woman’s bantamweight 5’2 110lb submission specialist card. I sense a whole lot of **** going on within this game. It’s bad enough you can’t set their height and weight but to get the exact same card after grinding 3 different times makes me wonder just how random the luck of the draw is???

The gameplay is pretty much 100% broken garbage to begin with but now you have this blatant display of EA giving crap cards if you don’t pay 2 win and buy packs. I have close to 600 UT fights and only have gotten 1 gold fighter out of an actual pack without crafting. Sickening just sickening garbage, what happened to the EA of PS2 days? At least EA had integrity back then.

I’m getting incredibly sick of this garbage game, what’s the point of grinding if it’s just setup to give you the same cards???

It’s all fixed results, there’s probably a potential lawsuit here somewhere.


  • After the second 5’2 110lb sub specialist gold card I figured there would be no way to possibly get a third one but sure enough I did. Very discouraging. Why even bother with this crappy fixed garbage?
  • Probably too late at this point, but I wish EA would just give everyone four gold "balanced" CAF cards or four Gold CAF cards that we can pick the fight style. Then, the UFC fighter cards should all have realistic ratings based on the individual on that card. I've seen folks with gold Shogun cards - why should Shogun's "gold card ratings" be the same as a Jon Jones gold card. It's pointless to have dozens and dozens of UFC fighter bronze and silver cards anyway. People play UT to use CAFs. Mixing in UFC cards is fine to scratch the itch of folks who do want to fight as GSP, McGreggor, etc. But no one has ever said, "Man, I wish I could pull a Bronze Clay Guida card and complete as Clay in UT".
  • EA is card fixing in a system where real currency is being exchanged, I think what they’re doing is probably illegal. If not it’s immoral ****. They just want dumb people to buy packs hoping to get better cards but the results are predetermined and not random. They’re cheating their own customer base. They won’t get a dollar from me in UT.
  • I got a gold balanced lightweight and gold grappler heavyweight so I got lucky. I’m done trying now.
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