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takedowns and clinch are too easy to stop

It's so much harder to land a takedown than to defend.And it's way too easy to block the clinch, And it's too easy to get out of the clinch.


  • I agree. They are so easy to prevent it ruins the game. As a specialist fighter in ultimate team it's almost impossible to land a clinch or takedown against a decent striker.

    EA do you plan to update the game? Advice in between rounds is laughable, shoot for a takedown after a combo or when your opponents throw kicks.

    Timing is irrelevant as long as the player presses the correct denial. I've had takedowns denied with legs in the air, punches being thrown it just ruins it.

    The inability to be able to get into the clinch is frustrating and having spent way too much money on ultimate team, I'm now faced with owning the most expensive and worst game ever unless some updates are made.

    BTW I'm number one on the UT accolades for subs, takedowns, so I know, this game is about boring spamming with no skill. It's horrible.
  • power takedowns are crazy hard to defend...it's ironic that the realistic takedown attempts are the ones that get denied no problem while the cheesy gliding ones are the main ones that get you every time....at least from the top 100 competition this is what ive experienced
  • it is so broken ! I was top 20 last year, but I have just lost interest in the game...It is so arcade sadly...in UFC you could be great standing or grapling, this is just standing spamming punches!!
  • I think the takedowns are ok I just cant stand when someone does a power move and you go for the takedown immediately when they are the most vulnerable and they are still able to stuff it. I believe that's ****
  • no, if anything, clinch & takedown are too easy to execute and takes no stamina penalty, not to mention double leg take down can reach target from miles away made it looks like dragon ball move.

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