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It's time to update game! TOP Proposals from game fans!

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Dear developers!
First of all let me express my respect to you, and say thank you for supporting this game!
I am one of the most devoted fans of this game, from the first day to nowadays.
Maybe you know that we have a fans community on vk.com/ufc.live, that includes a lot of people from different countries such as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania etc. We have more than 10 000 followers. We discussed and prepared some main topics how to improve this game. We have a lot of ideas, but we chose some of them that are really easy to make.
Here they are!

TOP Proposals from game fans!
1. Add bonus for Asian martial arts in H2H (karate, taekwondo, muay thai, judo, combine all four styles and make bonus). There are a lot of fighters that are useless in H2H. Com'on guys, you can do it for us! It's very very important for us!
Additional proposals about bonuses in H2H. Please think about these changes:
a) Add +15 points in H2H for using fighters with Asian martial arts (karate, taekwondo, muay thai, judo).
OR maybe you can combine some styles, for example
b) +15 points in H2H for kickboxing + muay thai + karate + taekwondo.
c) +15 points in H2H for boxing and strikers.
d) +15 points in H2H for BJJ and Judo.

2. Add MMA female fighters.
3. Possibility to buy more training packs by 1 click! I mean it's damn boring to buy training packs when you have 1 mln coins. It takes a lot of time, and really really boring!!!
4. Add new fighters in career mode. Since the first day, we see the same faces, from fight to fight. More over, You can add LE fighters or even iconic fighters in career mode from 199 to 250 fight.
5. Final prize in career mode sucks. can you add there more skills for fighter and something like that fighters pack that we have in store? Fighters pack price is only 50k, and I think it's possible to add something like this as a final prize in career mode.
6. Add Henry Cejudo International edition!
7. Earlier we gave us a chance to buy ex-champions of the UFC. It was good memories! We want them back!
8. Make something with game guardian! Players use it in H2H to make more fights. They use it in career mode. It's not fair play.
9. Add Anderson Silva in heavyweight! And give us a chance to get him!
10. And Last but not least! We need 5 tickets for Mara Salvatrucha and his crew from Russia to Jamaica and back! Mara is our big bro, he administrates our fans community since game release. He and his crew they are crazy! Because of them, this game is very popular here. You can invite them to your head office and show how you made this game, give some interviews and make a lot of things to promote this game! So invite them to your office, or give them rest in Jamaica!!!!
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  • I support all the proposals of the fans!!!
  • GeoMal47
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    edited February 2018
    Excellent offer!
  • Dear EA, please add this items asap, it is very important for us.
    Thanks & best regards
  • I completely agree.

    EA SPORTS - It's in the game!!!

  • It's TIME!!!

  • Dear developers, we look forward to improvements on all points :#:)
  • 1. Return the Sunday demonstrations to old champions such as Anderson Silva with the belt and the flag of Brazil, George St. Pierre with the flag of Canada and the belt
    Bas Rutten, TJ Dillashaw, Eddie Alvarez, Carlos Condit, Matt Hughes, Arlovski, Ronda Rosie, Misha Tate with flag and belt
    2. please add an Olympian Cejudo. Henry Cejudo International Edition
    3. new fighters in a career and new styles in an equal
    4. Add old champions that are not in the game, such as Mauricio Roa, Rashad Evans, Forrest Griffin, Johnny Hendricks
  • I agree with the author of the post.
    But I would like to add from myself a little:
    First I, like the rest of the players, want the developers to add Bruce Lee H2H, Henry Cejudo International edition, Cody Champion Edition.
    Could you add clinch, complicate the work on ground?
    Work out the design and skills of the new champions edition: bright national flag, colored smoke or fog around the fighter(black for example), and champion belt of course. Wrestler or BJJ with 65K damage is too much, and have skills uncharacteristic of a fighter.
    I have an idea: Rage edition(uncompromising slayers in each weight category-from newly introduced fighters)- subject to certain conditions the fighters in rage mode can move faster and strike light punches with increased damage.
    Bruce Buffer has cold? Why some old and many new fighters aren't sounded?
    Why models of new fighters look unfinished?
    Please remove inactive accounts from H2H!!!
  • EA_Lanna
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    edited February 2018
    Please aim to keep posts constructive as this could be a productive discussion with feedback that we can relay forward! I've cleared out about 90 posts of "EA Sports it's in the game" spam as it's drowning out any actually discussion. Should the spamming continue, the thread will be closed for how it's being conducted and individual users followed-up with for moderation - Please be aware of this.
  • Those are exactly what I wanted! Plz EA
  • EA_Lanna wrote: »
    Please aim to keep posts constructive as this could be a productive discussion with feedback that we can relay forward! I've cleared out about 90 posts of "EA Sports it's in the game" spam as it's drowning out any actually discussion. Should the spamming continue, the thread will be closed for how it's being conducted and individual users followed-up with for moderation - Please be aware of this.

    Hello Lanna! Thank you for your attention. Sorry for spam. We start spamming because we were not sure if anybody from EA team will read our proposal. I made a new post in our community in social media to stop spamming. These changes are very important for us and feedbacks from developers can give us hope. 21st century is an era of global communications. We are players, and we are not your enemies. All that we want is cooperation, we can help EA to make this game better. We love this game, we respect Developers and all EA team!
  • Guys, thanks for support. All interesting proposals I'll collect in first post. Russian proposals I'll translate, and also will put them in first post.
  • TerexMHL360
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    edited February 2018
    EA SPORTS Please enter new bonuses in H2H, enter new fighters in the career mode, and finally return the old champions instead new with insanely great damage.
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  • Oh! This is a really good ideea!!! This will be great! Let's go like this! A lot of people really want this! Do it please for all of us!
  • EA. It's time to update the game! Please make an adaptation for the IPhone X, all the rest of your games are already adapted, and the UFC is not there!
    I propose to introduce separately or combine styles together in an equal game, for example, kickboxing and Thai boxing, wrestling and judo, boxing and drummers. Also, Rory MacDonald's figure changed for the worse after the previous update, it became too small. Even for holding 1 rank in an equal game you start to repeat the fighters, but still there was Penn in the middleweight, why? Maybe instead of repeating award players at least ordinary legends with a blue background, not everyone is trying to play an equal game, because they do not want to get a double of who they already have!
    I would like to invite you to introduce new rivals into the career path, they have not changed for a long time, therefore, to add new versions of regular fighters that you already use in demonstrations and events, then why not add them to the game?
    You've long sold such unusual fighters with a white background, swamp, blue, now they can not be bought, but many are ready, ready even to make Donat for this! Let's return them to the store, before they could be bought even for silver!
    Let's make this game better, EA listen to our advice, it really will help change the game for the better! The game, and in particular the company UFC a big fan base, and if your game will be better, then the audience will be more! Let's try together!
  • EA_Lanna
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    edited February 2018
    I've removed more Spam accounts. I'd strongly urge users against continuing this. As I mentioned above, should thie spamming continue the thread will be closed off and another thread on it won't be facilitated.
  • And, if I were to add some suggestions:
    - add coin regeneration timers for each fighter in our active lineups so that way we can know when they'll be ready for collection.
    - add a similar timer for our H2H energy so that way we won't have to be kept guessing or have to find out by using the "start a new fight when you've got less than 3 energy" method.
    - maybe they can add a way for us to sell any unwanted abilities we may have in excess, perks we don't use, and any dupes that we don't need (i.e. if I already maxed out Gustaffson and I get a dupe from a career mode box).
    Of course, they'll be sold for different amounts of gold coins or silver depending on their rarity or levels (40 xp abilities will be worth 4x the values of 10 xp abilities, agression perks will be different in value than defensive or focus perks).
  • In addition to what I posted, maybe we can make completing trophies mean something, i.e. we get rewards when we complete a trophy's level. It can be like this:
    - 1 star = 10000 silver
    - 2 stars = a pack of 50 abilities
    - 3 stars = 5 random LE fighters (1 from each division)
    - 4 stars = 2000 gold coins
    - 5 stars = an IC/H2H/NP/IE fighter
    * When you complete a level of the "Collect All Other Trophies" trophy, you will be able to choose any fighter from any edition (H2H, IC, NCE, CE, NP, IE, BE, HE, Ret, LE, regular) to add to your arsenal for free.
  • 1.Recommend please Sunday demonstrations on old champions with a flag and belt, such as Anderson Silva with Brazilian flag and belt and George St.Pierre faith flag Canada and belt
    2. Make the Sejudo of the International Edition
    3. Make demonstrations on Alvarez, Aldo and Verdum NCE
    4. Add Carla Esparza NCE with MMA style(I know,you were going to add it)

  • 3.3 thousand views !!!!!!
    EA !! You what, so all the same what happens on the forum ??
    Listen to the users !!!!!!!!!!
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