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Takedown glitch!??

Weird to me that the advanced takedown into side guard are being abused by just leaning forward and going for the takedown from miles away. Wouldnt be a problem if I simply got beat to the move but that's 9/10 not the case if anything THAT takedown should be a lot much harder to get since it's basically putting the initiator in the most dominant positions....feel like im just getting played when I time the denial perfect but the takedown still goes through...and even worse getting slammed into full mount/side guard


  • Takedowns are way too easy to block, clinch too.
    If the takedown meter is filled the takedown should be unblockable.There are 2 ways to bring the fight to the ground.But 20 to keep up the fight and 20 ways to get off the ground. Not fair.
  • @affenhirnaufeis ...Do you think your suppose to be able to hold fighters down the whole round?? There should be more ways of getting the fight up than to keep it down. And even then, if your good enouugh on the ground you CAN keep the fight there for a decent chunk of the round. I've done it to top level players and have had it done to me as well.
  • It may be possible to get up from the ground. Getting someone to hit the ground is hard. It's not about being the whole round on the floor. It's about seeing more takedowns in the game.
  • @affenhirnaufeis Thts fair im not at all in disagreement with that
  • So you think it's fair to block the clinch 2 seconds after he grabbed you. I think that's definitely not fair. after the block even have a free strike. at takedowns the same, I already grasp his legs and he can still block. If you press the right keys Block If you do not care if your fighter is doing a somersault, you are blocking. that's definitely not fair.
  • @affenhirnaufeis Naw I agree the game needs to be tweaked so the denial windows aren't AS long but not as quick as ufc 2's windows were.
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