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Online Lag

Despite having incredibly fast internet speed on my end, every single opponent I play has lag that makes the game unplayable. I’ve racked up 499 games online so far but I just don’t feel like playing again because of it. Anyone else having similar issues?


  • I live in Germany and when I was rank 420 I only played against players from USA Japan and Russia.Definitely so stuffed. The victory was luck, mostly you lose.
  • I agree with you. I am hard wired and have 100mbps DL speed and a 50 upload and I feel the lag in almost every game.
  • I will say from my own experience with the lag. I believe it to be a server issue, as I will at times experience the same lag when playing solo challenges in UT. transitions will take me 30 + seconds to complete for no reason... against the computer!
    I have found that at times if I close the application and restart the game it will help a little.

  • Lag and unresponsive gameplay is so much worse compared to previous years
  • Agreed. Feels like it the game takes a few seconds before it responds and the lag often makes strikes not queue
  • It's not just lag at this point. I have had over 20 games in the past two days that keep resetting at the beginning of the match until it forces one of the players out of the game. My connection is not in question I have 60-70 Mbps download. Ea you need to fix your servers. This is garbage.
  • B3NNS
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    There are people who spam power transition that are undeniable even though you hold the block because they lag so much.
  • The lag is unbearable, 4 out of 5 fight is crippled by lag and frame rate issues, the fun isn't there anymore.
  • Urubu123456
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    I am from Brazil, i use 300 mb download 50mb upload and stills lags every match

    I have friends all over Brazil and the issue is the same

    EA, please fix the multiplayer servers, this game is so good and we cant have fun online


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  • I believe the increase of this year's lag comes from the addition of being able to throw any strike while moving in any direction. In previous iterations your character's movement dictated the type of strike thrown. This creates far less possible situations from any given instant of a match. With the new striking system the possibilities of movement and strike combinations is exponentially larger than EA UFC 1 or EA UFC 2. The reality is when a game undergoes this type of change to it's core gameplay a similar change must be made to the netcode. It appears as though they might not of gotten the netcode to where it needed to be for the new physics system.

    The difference in input delay between local matches and online matches seems to be about .2 - .25 seconds. Which is forever in a game as fast paced as this one.
  • Hello, I still have a terrible delay, is there a fix? I have a delay even if the signal is green :(
  • Can somebody explain to me why there are ppl who see everything faster ? Ive got a fiber connection but still there are guys (even ppl that i can still beat without a problem) who obviously see everything faster. Theres no way You can predeny everything so i guess ive got a delay or something while fighting them..
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