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Ridiculous decisions

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How can it be that you beat someone in every stat over each Individual round. They have 2 sub attempts that you easily break out of, and the judges score the fight in their favour.

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  • The Judges decisions are so bad !!

    I had a fight over the weekend and lost by split decision but in reality i absolutley dominated the guy

    Round 1: 1 takedown , 4:30 of control time , as i dominated him all over the ground , ground and pounded him and blocked numerous transactions to hammer his stamina

    Round 2: stood up and traded with the guy all round , we resulted in the exact same amount of signifcant strikes, but his stamina was battered.

    Round 3: succesful takedown 3:30 of control time , ground and pound and 2 submission attempts.

    he didnt beat me in any stat but somehow won the fight?

    he had a higher success rate of strikes landed as i threw loads of punches in the ground and pound which appeared not to be counted as landed even though they were to the ribs from dominant sprawl position

    @SkynetUFC is this something that you guys are planning to look into? i've seen many complaints regarding the same issue.
  • We've actually seen notably more positive reactions to judging than bad ones. That being said, there was one issue discovered with submission attempts which has been fixed in the patch that came out today.

    Ground and pound scoring has also been increased to try and keep it more in line with stand-up.

    The stats from the post-fight are not used by the judges, they're mostly just there to try and match normal UFC broadcast presentation elements. The judges, like in real life, use lots of different metrics and stats to award the W.
  • @SkynetUFC can you elaborate on the ‘different metrics and stats’? Does this include thing such as aggression? What are the other elements? As I’m sure you can understand, it’s frustrating when all of the stats suggest you have won, yet you are awarded a loss. It’s difficult to improve and get better at the game if the player is being assessed by ‘different metrics and stats’ which are not readily visible to the player.

  • I'm not going to elaborate too heavily, but the two biggest factors are damage and health events. Again, these are not always as straightforward as simple stats would show, but they account for most of the decisions.
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