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Hi guys, there is a serious problem on this game that needs to be patched ASAP! When me and others are in the clinch in positions like the single collar and over under it is too easy to break out of, you could deny the transition before it even comes and they can still break out. EA please patch this ASAP, lots of people are having this problem. The break out is too fast and can’t be denied it positions single collar and over under.


  • yes man this is a huge problem EA please patch this!
  • Plz dont help the clinch spammers. Clinch is already overpowered as it is.
  • Walsgrove-V2
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    @ZwPBerserk clinch is not overpowered at all

    takedowns and clinches are so easy to deny its crazy. You've said on numerous other threads that you basically just want a stand up game .... its like saying you want to play FIFA but you can't score from outside of the box because you dont like it :D

    Wrestling and clinching is all part of MMA

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  • Well, I would love it if they would bring Fight Night back. So yeah i want a standup game.. although I also like standup fighting in general.

    I don't like ground stuff but their is no alternative thing to it. That aside, if it would be fun to play on the ground I wouldnt care that much.

    I have no huge issue with Clinching right now although sometimes its not even blocking the shot while I am blocking it. It goes through my block somehow.

    In UFC there are barely any clinch knockouts though, its in this game way easier compared to real life.

    Easy denying the clinches and takedowns,...? Well it is if you just wait and stand still just blocking them.
    When im playing online I actually do stuff so when I punch its easily countered by a takedown. Still I manage to block alot. But if someone keeps doing them.. You will never block all of them against a skilled player.
  • Clinch and takedown are way too easy to stop!!!!
    Bin division 5 and laugh so often about the fact that I still managed to block a takedown that is impossible to block,In Division 5 it is impossible to make a takedown unless he kicks off.
  • Hardcore_shark
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    Nooo-o-o!! all right. As you can often see clinch in the real world, it only happens at the grid
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  • Its good for gamebalance
  • Maybe if you were up against the cage it would be more realistic if it was harder to break out of.. But just throwing a clinch in the middle of the octagon shouldn't be hard to get out of

    And it needs something to counter throwing it if you're going to make it harder.. If you're going to drop your block to throw an ill timed clinch then a counter hook should be pretty hard hitting
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