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Too easy to get subs?

Anyone else think it’s too easy for sub specilists to just get a takedown and win by sub???

It’s really noticeable in UT, they just need 1 takedown and sub attempt and you can’t get away with strikers or brawlers, they don’t even have to work for it at all.

Needs some tuning imo.


  • As someone who uses a grappler, it's far to easy to prevent takedowns. I have my TD stat to 90 and when I fight a striker, who has 72 TDD, they stuff everything. I do my best to mix in strikes and feints and anything else I can to disguise it. What's worse is when you catch them just swinging wildly, and they can still stuff it mid, wild, swing.

    But to not get too far off topic, if you have very low subd, and they have high subo, you will be submitted easily.
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