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Why doesn’t Dana white put the title on your waist anymore for title fights??

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edited April 2018
Love how realistic the graphics are and the real life comparisons to UFC but why did they take out one of my favorite parts which was watching Dana white giving me my title after a title fight win? U guys had it on the game for multiplayer before and just suddenly took it out which makes my title defenses way more boring


  • Hey @XuNsToPpAbLe21 Do you have any more info on this? It's not an expected behavior.

    Are you only seeing this in a certain mode, or with certain fighters? What is happening instead? Is it someone else presenting the belt, or do you not get it at all? Give as much information as possible, and our internal teams will try and reproduce it and find the cause.

  • XuNsToPpAbLe21
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    edited April 2018
    This is on multiplayer championship ranks. A belt isn’t given to you in the ring for a title fight, and you aren’t mentioned as the new or existing champion either. It is instead just pronounced winner and then the normal effects afterwards that would happen in any prospect fight. @SkynetUFC
  • The mode I’m seeing this on is championship ranks multiplayer mode(online ranks)
  • This stopped working months ago. When you win a title in Ranked Championships you are no longer awarded a belt. Worked when it first came out, including holding up two titles when you won - Champ v Champ. Now nothing happens, Dana White is nowhere to be seen.

  • Obviously someone is reading the forum as this has now been fixed :smile:

    You no longer get awarded two belts for Champion v Champion but that’s cool.
  • Is it because of the new patch when Dana White came into the picture as a fighter.HMMM
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