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4 Star George

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100 Takedown cannot get to the ground. Too slow. I go for takedown and get knocked out with one uppercut with 100 chin. Fix this game.
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  • Kh3ll
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    I don't want this to sound rude or disrespectful. If you are getting uppercut KO'd, you are probably being to predictable in your takedowns.

    Definitely play defensive, you don't want to stand and bang with a striker/brawler. After there combos are finished, drop a combo of you own one or two times before going for the takedown. Mix your combos up. Do a 1-2, 1-kick, 1-2-kick, 2-hook-hook, and so on.

    Also, doing a down sway can throw people off after you have done some takedowns. Follow that up with a Takedown attempt.

    Try doing takedowns from the clinch. I love doing outside trip from the Thai clinch because they are so worried about the knee/elbow block they never see it coming.
    I have mental health disabilities that prevent me from leaving the house. I like to play UFC 3 Ultimate Team, so I do. Probably too much.
  • It’s all good. I had just traded in my cards for George and at the time I was very **** hence the shortness in the post. I got hit with one uppercut in full health in first round and knowlcked our. Takedowns are way too hard to pull how for a grappler or specialist. Takedowns are way to easy to stop or reverse for a striker/brawler. The grappler/specialist do not have enough moves for stand up compete. It’s really unfortunate that the only way to win consistently is with a striker or brawler.

    I feel like the base moves should be able to be upgraded.Then the open spots for the fighter types are special moves that will define your person fighting style.
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