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Full block knockdowns

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EA What the heck!!!! Why am I getting knocked down when I'm rocked when my block bar is nearly completely full!! This is complete Bull Crap! Do you know how many fights I lose because somehow I get knocked down when my block meter is still completely full and I'm blocking. I mean my hands are already raised, not that I'm just hitting the button. I'm talking about my fighter already being in the block position and I "magically" get knocked down.

I am so very close to getting rid of this garbage you call a game. This is complete crap. I want answers. You need to fix this. What the heck.


  • shaskin1701
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    The Game is rigged so you can't win. It doesn't matter what the settings are. It's just my opinion but, something is just not right with EA games.
  • SkynetUFC
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    Well, thanks for you opinion shaskin.

    The real answer is that while your block bar does indicate if strikes with break through or not, some strikes are heavy enough that there is bleed through damage. If you put your hand against your head, and someone kicks it, you still feel that kick, just not as hard.

    This is the difference between block bleed through, and block break down. Heavy strikes will always do some damage, even when blocked.

    Knockdowns are based off of your health, so if you're low on health and someone either breaks through your block or hits you with a heavy enough strike that the bleed through is still sufficient, then you'll go down. Bleed through is quite small compared to the unblocked damage, but it does still go through, so if you're quite close to being knocked down then it can still happen.
  • So basically what you're saying is that if you're rocked you shouldn't bother blocking because you're probably going to get knocked down anyway. You made it so the players can beat the system in a sense and just hammer a few heavy kicks at you and get through your block.

    Thank you for building an ill equip system. It's not like I can defend myself properly any other way as my strikes are drastically slowed when I am rocked as well. so the game is basically making you already finished in a sense. thank you, thank you so very much for making this game so frustrating and immensely unsatisfying. Never again will I purchase this type of trash.
  • SkynetUFC
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    No, not at all. Outside of a heavy head kick or something like an overhand, blocking will stop all of the damage if un-broken. Most strikes have 0 bleed through. Even if they do throw a heavy strike, however, your health has to be very low to get a health event through the block.

    In most cases, blocking strikes will absorb all of the damage and keep you safe from health events. Sadly, there was a bug in the last patch that is slowing the health regeneration more than it should be, which is causing players to stay in that dangerous low-health state more often. This means you're more likely to get rocked/knocked down through your block than we want.

    If your opponent is getting predictable in their punishment of your block, then you can use footwork/head movement to avoid being hit at all, but that is indeed not always easy and can be risky.

  • nicksk18
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    That’s a straight out lie. I’ve seen flying knees destroy. Full block bar beginning of the game. Idk why y’all try to act like they sold it as a fighting game buts it’s really just another madden. When your wide receiver is wide open for 20 yards and the pats defense magically intercepts the ball .
  • EA_Blueberry
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    It doesn't surprise me the 2019 Patriots defense intercepted the ball when Gilmore was the league's Defensive MVP and they were compared to some of the great defenses of all-time.

    This post is originally from 2018 so I'm going to shut it down to avoid further necroposting. If you want to discuss this topic please create a new thread and feel free to reference this one in your post description. Thanks!
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