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True Concern of the MASS!!

Make New servers for Eastern Hemisphere of the Globe

See its is simple you make money out of games, thats your passion and you get the Money and Love from us customers. We also love to play games for while, thats a little fun part for us. Someone like to play FIFA games or Rainbow Siege SIX. And some of odds in the population likes to practice UFC and play games related to it.

We are humans divided in different continents of the world. See brother i have also stayed in United States for 4 to 5 years straight and i have seen that we gamers get amazing experience servers in United States for any games from Rocket League, Fortnite to UFC 2 then why not for Asia.We do share the same love like people in USA, i actually spent my hard earned cash for the premium UFC 3 and i still get the great input lag in the UFC 3 (currently in INDIA (MUMBAI)).

Don’t concern about my internet speed its great!! 50 mbps and great for online gaming. The only ONLY problem i suffer and I am SURE that many of us do is the INPUT LAG due to far away servers installed for ASIAN Countries. Please, please brother make available servers for CHINA INDIA JAPAN AFRICA EVEN RUSSIA( I KNOW thats not in Asia) just consider for eastern part of the globe.

Brother even for my passion in martial arts i work out 5 hours per day man! and love to enjoy the game with my buddies at night 9pm but due to input lag it devastates out experience; sometimes we are losing our interest in playing the game too only because of the servers input lag. Please take this into consideration and do the needful.

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