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Community member respond please. Generic CAF appearance.

All the CAF opponents I fight in UT are generic appearance. It was like this in UFC2 as well. Please help.


  • lung4444
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    edited May 2018
    What is the issue? It seems like you are facing off against people who just use the default CAF skins. It seems like it's just more of a coincidence than a glitch.
  • It is everybody. In UFC 2 and 3. Everybody. Not coincidence. No way. Statistically impossible.
  • SkynetUFC
    257 posts Member
    edited May 2018
    Hey @Citizen_Samurai I checked with someone on the team who'd know more, as I've never heard of this before but had some suspicions.

    Likely this is due to console privilege settings, such as parental control or things like that. If your account isn't setup as a full adult account, then some user-based content like CAFs won't be shown fully. Check your console settings, or if you are indeed under parental control...well. Good luck!
  • I have checked everything. My console. I’m 36.
  • EA_Roger
    1483 posts EA Community Manager
    Moved to Technical assistance forum

    Hey @Citizen_Samurai,

    I apologize for the experience you've had so far with this. I've looked into this on my end and in all honesty I haven't been able to dig up much, although SkynetUFC may be on to something. Can you tell me what platform you play on and share your persona here?


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