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EA will find a way to ruin all fighting games

I just realized EA will ruin all multiplayer fighting games with patches. I always thought that the whole purpose of patches were to add new content and fix glitches and updates to make it better. However EA seems to completely change their product from their day one releases for the worst. UFC 3 is completely garbage now with nothing but 3 punch combo spams. Who ever works on their patches obseally has no clue to how real fight physics work. It now makes me wonder if their even real fans of the sporting games they create or just capitalizing on profits. The did the same thing with fight night champion. Day one release of fight night champion was good the only thing that needed fixing was stamina but like always ea to the rescue and completely butcher the game with multiple patches for the worst. It's sad because I really enjoyed the games before patches. I just made up my mind that I'm done with EA fighting games. I hope somebody else will make Boxing,MMA and Football games. You see what happened to their basketball series lol 2k killed them even in the football area. Let me know what you guys think


  • I feel like in a way, it's essentially robbery? When you buy an Alpha or participate in betas, the game is expected to change. But to buy one product and then have them COMPLETELY Change it, and sometimes not always based strictly on community feedback, iot's a different game that you then can say I don't enjoy this product and should be entitiled to a full refund? Especially when the patches are SO far apart, that you're left with a terrible game whilst waiting another 3 months for a hopeful fix of things.

    That happened on fight night champion to me. My ranked record was amazing. I went on holiday/vacation, came back and just started getting super tired cause I was used to what the game WAS. People were spamming body jabs/straights and it became a completely different playstyle I had to integrate in.
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