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Can we address the exploit of the standing still head movement roll?

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edited May 2018
Now the new abuse is standing still head movement. This is just getting out of hand now. When you do standing still head movement roll spam, pretty much every punch no collides, even if it's an uppercut as the opposing fighter glides past leaning forward into it. It no collides, again due to ping in the game, because the animation is so fast. Also, body kicks and punches intermittently no collide as if the player has dodged them and this just drains your stamina so ridiculously fast..... How did this happen........

This couple with how POWERFUL jab/straight spam is, a fighter can win a stand up fight only throwing these 2 strikes, catching body kicks and head roll exploiting head shots and EVEN body shots, then rock you with a jab straight blast through your block while tired.... Come on EA...........
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