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Recovering TKO mode is just non-sensical?

So, riddle me this. I was AFK one time, some dude dropped me into TKO mode with a vicious spinning head kick, and I recovered absolutely no problem. Then obviously, a LOT of other times, when I flick the right stick left and right, I get TKO'd. So exactly why do you need to flick the right stick, when the recovery from TKO mode seems randomly Decided? I've put people down over and over with vicious stuff before and they recover, then I'll simply get hooked once and can't recover the TKO?

And btw, my fighter was a crap silver 2 star with no heart at all that AFK recovered?

Please explain the calculations and mechanics behind this @SkynetUFC @EA_Roger


  • Hey @PiggidyPanda

    The decision is not random, nor is it finalized the moment you enter finish the fight. Rather, given the health and stamina of the injured fighter when you dive in, there's a certain amount of time that they can survive/hits they can take. If you hit them enough before they recover, then you KO them. The stick input increases the speed at which you recover, meaning the opponent has less time to KO you.

    That being said, it is definitely possible to have so little stamina/health that you don't have a realistic chance of surviving at all...unless the opponent doesn't ever hit you. For some reason.
  • I struggle to agree with this. I've entered TKO mode before with full stamina, at the start of the fight, and been finished. No amount of stick smashing changes it, and HART doesn't seem to effect it. It's clear to me that's it's random. As I can recover from a TKO mode, with no stamina and late in the fight, barely touching the stick. It's lunacy.

    That's my opinion of course. You seem to have your own and that's fine but, I'm sticking with mine on this one.
  • I don't want to come across as ... untoward, but this isn't just an opinion. I have access to the code and engine, and can see for certain what drives this functionality. I can't show you code/engine footage because of legal reasons and red tape, but this is 100% not random.
  • I understand. But again, a lot of arguments you make will obviously come from a code/engine standpoint. On top of that, there's issues like strikes clearly connecting but no colliding and costing stamina and other silly things. I am sure that wasn't intentionally part of the code/engine but it's been prominent through a few patches now, and there seems to be no care. SO me not trusting that your mechanics for TKO mode are 100% stable, foolproof and solid, is really understandable from that sense. At least I would imagine you get what I mean.
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