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I love EA UFC3 and I think the workers from EA UFC3 are working very hard. I am very surprised that they keep doing lots of updates. I appreciate it as a user of EA UFC3.
Here is my thought about multiplay in EA UFC3. It is very annoying when opponents just quit the game and leave during multiplay. I mean I get into the fight and focus very hard then suddenly opponents just leave the game. You suddenly lose all the fun cuz the game stops when opponents leave the game. I strongly suggest that the game should keep going even tho opponents just leave the game. The reason why opponents quit while the match is that because they are losing. We want to finish the fight even tho opponents quit the game. So either the opponent's fighters should stay as an A.I (Easy~Medium) or just stays doing nothing. We all know that we play this game to finish the opponents with K.O or tap out.
Please fix this and sorry for my bad English.
Thank you!


  • compromise
    175 posts Member
    edited May 2018
    Does it happen to you that often? I think I've only had it once or twice

    One thing I have noticed, unless I'm thinking wrong is that when someone leaves your dailies don't update
  • LarsyVango
    1 posts Member
    edited May 2018
    I play in Europe server and when the game doesnt go well alotta people just leave game. some people leave game 1 min after the game start... its crazy lol

  • It's a hard thing to fix I think. I think in ranked you should lose more rating if you quit during the match.
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