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Game crashes after update

Title says it all, can't get past the title screen


  • @EA_Roger @SKynetUFC after installing the update my game now crashes as soon as it reaches the title screen
  • EA_Roger
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    Hey @KnocksYOUoutCold ,

    Sorry to hear about that, can you let us know if you get an error message when attempting to launch the game & confirm whether the game crashes at the title screen every time? Have you tried a fresh reinstall of the game on your end?

    I've seen some reports of crashes however the majority of them are linked to Ultimate Team & connectivity issues.


  • @EA_Roger I am happy to report, that after a complete reinstall of the game the issue was resolved. Now that being said, I can confirm that: no I did not receive an error message and yes the game did crash every time upon reaching the title screen. I spent an hour and a half chatting with an advisor, and did everything from creating a new profile to even going so far as to factory reset my console. It was not until I decided to do a complete reinstall on my own that the issue has since been resolved.

    P.S. while I have your attention, any word on when we will be receiving camp tickets? I and many others have yet to receive any. Thanks.
  • My game started crashing today when downloading fighter updates I uninstalled and removed all saves it wont get passed that screen I completely wiped my xbox and reinstalled this game first and still wont work what's wrong with it I have great internet nat settings ipv6 and ipv4 are open what do I do now I have thousands of fights on this game fix it please as I like to beat on people while we are on this lockdown.
  • Helpplease
  • And I have installed pubg and dayz and those work no problem
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