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What............Happened.............to this game?

I'm just in awe really of the courage the devs had to do what they've done. Every patch seems to go back and back further and further on the striking front. What is going on? I am withholding as much maliciousness as possible here because this is mind blowing.

Why do you keep adding updates that punish you for being an aggressive striker? The latest range nerf has just broken so many strikes. It's really diminished any kind of strikes whilst moving up or down. You just hit a huge invisible wall, swing at air and it counts as misses so you drain stamina. Everyone is now ALWAYS moving back and away freely, with no fear of being pressured as most strikes hit weird invisble walls coming forward. The moving back fighters only offense comes in the form of Jab, jab jab jab jab jab straight jab jab straight. Then when you move in close FINALLY, planting their feet and swinging JAB > STRAIGHT > HOOK > HOOK is SO much faster than anything and devastates you damage wise.

This game is just a pure jab fest now. It's really sickening to watch. Sometimes I back up and just laugh at the absurd amount of jabs and straights being spammed. Which now makes the bruce lee backfist EVEN MORE powerful as it interrupts every special strike, which you seem to have to throw to cover any kind of forward distance, other than spamming the jab of course. As it's the only punch that covers any forward distance.

Combos I used to throw, now can't be thrown while moving and even when the feet are planted, they no collide on the block and count as misses which I assume is due to the new system not working properly and thinking I am at range.

Heavyweights are now more sluggish than ever and button presses, feel more unresponsive than ever. I am often throwing extra strikes or the wrong strikes, when pre patch I had no issues.

Can we just delete and revert whatever the H happened in this patch to the striking? Who thought this was a good idea?

I am alone in this or does anyone else agree?


  • no your not alone, but i got a warning for voicing my opinion i no longer want to play it,i just wish i had a physical copy so i could sell it. Happy rolling around ttfn
  • Yeah I agree, i used to throw the jab spinning back kick and now it's jab wait like 2 seconds then spinning back kick. And the invisible walls are a nightmare on this game now and I still say the new evasive move where you put your arm out has ruined this game to a certain extent
  • Yeah a lot of combos have been thrown out of my repertoire now due to invisible walls caused by the buggy range finding system. And you get made to pay for it super badly. It sucks. It is a bit more tactical now, **** he only way through blocks is jabs. So it's still a jab fest. That's fine but if you want to come in with anything else, standing on the spot jab,straight,hook,hook, devastates now.
  • Regulas
    47 posts Member
    It's just balancing. You can do it basically endlessly to any video game as long as the community exists and want's changes.
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