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Token Crafting

Please improve and speed the process up. This is torturous. It should be easy and speedy to get rid of your unwanted cards. Maybe an auto-fill for bronze/silver cards.


  • Also - please add a token bar at top of the UT screen for bronze, silver, gold and a general collectible slot. Pointless, and again torturous, for tokens to be put into the inbox, having to exit out of crafting, go to inbox, watch open animation, go back to crafting, craft, exit, inbox, open, exit inbox, select sets, craft, craft gold fighter, exit, inbox, open
  • They need to make tokens go straight into inventory rather than into inbox and open them individually. Also, add an "AUTO FILL" option in the slots, for silvers and bronze especially.
  • dafuge1
    340 posts Member
    A 'duplicates' filter would be handy for crafting tokens.
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