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Why is it that I always have to fight guys on the top 100,back to back to back with thousands online. When I'm not close to them in points. They all got barely any losses,so clearly they aren't being matched frequently against eachother,instead they get easy fights.


  • 7000 online,rematched the same 4 people for over an hour of ranked. absolutely ridiculous
  • Having the exact same issues.
  • I'm top 100 UT and 90% of my fights are against the top 20 guys. I don't really mind, the fights are fun, but it would be nice to have some variety so the climb would be easier.
  • I'm not top 100 or even close not even in division 6 and all my oppenents are top 100. It's no fun with a rank system that doesnt match you against your own rank.
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