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Online multiplayer tournaments with tourney chat? Eh? Eh?

Similar to mortal Kombat's king of the hill mode. Where all players in lobby compete for the top spot and all members can watch the current fights while waiting for theirs. Really think this could be a great way to socialize with other players outside of the trash talk and animosity you find during a fight...seriously consider adding this feature. It's good for replayability even more so than just drudging away for the belt against random fighters in online ranked play. Doesn't seem like too much of a stretch to the imagination. You already have a tournament mode. Just needs an online multiplayer makeover with a tourney chat lobby so everyone involved can chat in between and during fights. Idea was brought up when an online line friend and I were talking in psns party chat when I asked if he wanted to fight me. He replied that he couldn't because he was setting up a tournament for he and a friend that was with him at his house...I said "see if you can invite me to it, I'll compete." Much to our dismay it wasn't possible...make it happen EA!!!!!


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