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McGregor Is way too strong in lightweight. Hear me out Devs. Please!

I'm happy this game keeps getting patched, and I'm thankful how they listen and fix bugs and try to balance the game but I am sick of McGregor not getting a re-work, don't get me wrong great fighter in real-life, but a cheap easy mode character in game, and please the B-A+ ranking system is not working. I know I'll get hate for this but I truly am sick of how Overpowered he is, Speed: 97. Power: 96. Accuracy 99! Then throw Counter Puncher and Heavy Hands he can out brawl anyone with how his Health is. oh and the 98 leg strength? Where do you guys make up these number?.... I know I'm not alone in this, as he's called Mc. cheese, on how how cheap he is. EA or who ever please fix this!! He ruins the lightweight class. Will McGregor ever be nerfed properly?


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