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Waste of Time

I used to love playing this game. I remember when it first came out I'd spend hours playing online and having a great time. But now I find this game is nothing but spam. Nearly every fight I'm in is just guys spamming punches. I find the odd person still trying to use skill but that's extremely few and far between. Most fights are seemingly just guys throwing 100 punches per round. I miss when head movement was actually effective. I feel we need the head movement back. But this game imo has just become street fighter. You guys gave into people who didn't want to learn the mechanics of your game and made it easier for them. Good job breaking what was a fun experience. I miss the game I originally purchased


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  • I agree with you entirely. I'm in division 5 and every single fight is the exact same thing. Sad the players in division 4 played with far more skill
  • Most fun you could have on this online is using low level fighters in quick fight. Nothing better than being forced to rely on your timing to take down mcgregor or diaz spammers with a bobby green or gilbert burns. recommend trying it out.
  • Ranked is toxic can't argue that lol
  • This post is spot on.
  • step back straight usually works for guys spamming straight combos trying to destroy your block. or finally that's where head movement works
  • I love people that spam hooks, cause I just block the first hook duck the second, lean back on the third, and duck again on the fourth and counter with an uppercut as they've just wasted all their stamina. As they proceed to rage quit then talk scrap to you online. If you've been through that fight let me know
  • I think the head movement was terrible at start. Everybody wud just spam sways and hooks while moving forward, that was ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Now you have to practice and time ur head movement and its always a bit of a risk which is good. And I dont mind guys spamming combos, just hate the fact that they dont lose enough stamina for doing it. Its just too viable especially with fighters like bisping, diaz etc. Also if they miss judge range by a little, you can easily counter them by throwing well timed overhand. Having fun with it recently :D
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