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Season rewards

Does anyone else think the rewards should be for fights completed? (NO quits). I think this would give some more reason to play and play more. Then give something extra for those with a higher point total?


  • Absolutely. I’ve had about 900 fights in this season, I’ll get the same reward as someone who has had one.
  • I agree. The fact they reward mainly the highest level players. I just gave up. I'll win 10 and lose 5 and be back at start. Division ranking is broken. I don't even bother caring now. I just play. They will just reward the players who already have 5 champions and a complete roster. Doesn't make sense, but... it is what it is.
  • I think the whole losing division ranking after a loss is kinda a negative thing on the games fun. There's so many things that go wrong in this game sometimes, and if you have to constantly be like "win win win" I must win every game, it creates a toxic community. I.e. thai clinch spamming, jab spamming, etc. I wish the atmosphere could be more casual.
  • I remember ufc undispited 3 was super chill. Yea people spammed. But it wasn't every game. And people utilized head movement and counters. It seems like every fight in this is two trains colliding into eachother and what happens happens.
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