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Werdum flying kick where is it?

You can’t do the flying kick on ea sports ufc anymore. what are you guys doing in that studio? you add features that were already suppose to be in the the gAme and take the ones you got right back. You guys are more worried about a game photo cover. Instead of the sport it’s self. You can’t have a draw ? Your striking on the ground is limited ? It’s like the ea studios started watching mma 4 years ago. You guys need to step your knowledge up there’s more fighters than Conor McGregor and there’s more aspects to this game that should already be on there how is it I’m on the back side position and can’t throw a knee? That’s not authentic . Side control I can’t throw and elbow to the body or ever strike with the right hand? That’s not authentic . You might as well give ufc back it’s Franchise cause your putting it to shame .they should of knew better then trusting some lames . Butterfly guard is no where to be found like I said you guys just started watching ufc recently and I’m guessing only mcgregor .the guards are limited and so is the career mode why I have to get so far in a camp just to learn a hook? Your career mode is bad . Like it was found in the trash. If you want to be authentic then you should just forget it. Just copy ufc undisputed 3 and we might forgive you
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