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5 star mcgregors. 5 star mcgregors everywhere...


  • Did no one see this coming? Think it would be good for the game? Think the player base would prefer mcgregor vs mcgregor matchups every fight?
  • It's not surprising when this is the only 5 star fighter available in this group of weight classes.
  • That’s the problem. They should’ve never introduced them in the first place. I have a five star Conor but don’t use him any more. Everybody is a 5 star Conor theee is no balance or variety. They need to introduce 5 star CAFs asap.
  • It's frustrating at the moment, but that will make people spend money when the chance of other 5 star fighters becomes available.
  • I can think of many reasons why this is not financially beneficial to them in the long run.
  • To be fair, I think the developers did great with the gameplay. I think the actual fighting system is very good and much improved from UFC 2, which I played all the time... the problem is a few brain lapses such as including the five star fighters which essentially made it nothing but mcgregor fighters etc. there needs to be some balance, variety, and customization.
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