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Loot box item odds being published in Fifa, any chance of this coming here? Proof and Article link i


  • xXjofluzuXx
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    edited October 2018
    Are we ever going to get some honesty on loot box odds? I know EA is doubling down on Belgium (the law is the law, no matter how good your lobbyists are and until they can change it you can't just do what you want and say that you don't see it the same way)(I'm sure a child understands this concept upon first learning of it), but I just want to know what might be in them and what the chances are. At this point, I have more than enough moves and fighters that I don't care to grind and gamble that hard earned loot only to get Jack shoot. It loves to give me elite kicks, no grappling subs, td, punches... it's either kicks or perks. The kicks suck bcuz it's all swch and footwork stats. If I knew I had a chance of getting something else and I didn't, I wouldn't be mad cuz I know it exists at least and I just didn't get lucky. Please give us this honesty. I have no major complaints if this were addressed or even acknowledged. Thanks for looking at least
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