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Why is the ground game SO stiff?

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Can we get an answer to why the ground game is the way it is? There is nothing smooth about it. Undisputed 3's ground game was lightyears ahead and that was years ago. I'm not bashing I'm just going to give a few points now why I feel this way.

- No head movement on the ground. Especially on the bottom when you have someone postured up in your full guard, you should be able to move your head along with blocking to maneuver away from strikes. Again, this was done perfectly so long ago.

- The disconnect between animations and player input. This is huge!! I feel like half of the time I'm playing the game Im just watching animations with no input to what happens. This is not a movie. When someone shoots in for a takedown why Is it just the same few animations, why not be able to circle left or right out of a single leg takedown. This disconnect is most evident in slams. When someone shoots in and that slam animation starts youre literally watching the screen for a good 3-5 five seconds, you get picked up, slammed down the fighters fidget and get into position in side control and you can clearly see when the animation is over and youre allowed to input an action again. It takes you out of the experience so much. Other than the player models - this engine is just not smooth enough for the intricate actions of an mma game.

- Strikes on the ground just look wrong. They have no impact, they are super slow , the way they connect to the opponent looks like youre punching a maneuqin. And the disconnect between striking and transitioning is so drastic, again it just takes you out of the immersion of the game. I'll again reference Undisputed 3 (which seems to be blasphemous to do here). The ground and pound you could perform in someones full guard was beautifully smooth, you could lay in the guard like in real life and throw small shots, and then posture up for a second or two and throw some hard ones. good impact, smooth animation, clear connection and reaction from the opponent, and immediately dip your head back down into the chest. You could do this in half guard and full mount as well .
P.S while we are on the topic I feel even in the stand up the animations, while great looking when throwing them at air, just connect in a weird unrealistic way. Half of the knockouts I ever get just look cringe worthy when the replay shows because my arm is like glitching around or stuttering. I think UFC needs its own realistic engine built as from the ground up as it can be, for the best results...

- The ability to maneuver around the cage on bottom. If you were on bottom you could try and make your way to the cage to use it to stand up, or if you were on top and had someones head against the cage, their head movement was great reduced and it was easier to land shots. Very good stuff, realistic , immersive, and done years ago.

-EA UFC 2's ground game was the probably the weakest point of that game as well. Why in GODS name would you guys not change it in the 3rd game. MMA fans have to wait 2 full years between game, unlike other sports titles. In my opinion the stand up is still very sub par, every fight feels the same no matter who you use, every fighters punch animation is the same. Boxing feels super stiff, head movement sucks, people are way too tough, and in my opinion its just not pretty to even look at when you're fighting. And then beyond that the ground game wasn't even touched. It's just not good enough.

I've basically given up on this game months ago but I still get on every now and then in the hopes that something drastic has changed, but it hasn't. Basically Im just trying to give feedback so we aren't as disappointed for the next game, which I sure as hell wont be pre ordering like I did this one. Not trying to bash anyone or be mean, even though I might seem super critical, its only because Im such a fan of MMA and MMA games that it really upsets me when a game fails us like this. Im playing Fight night champion just to satisfy my craving for a decent combat sport sim. When in reality this game should have been fire, and I should be playing it every day like I did other instalments.

Please for the love of everything, UFC 4 is the last on the contract - make the best MMA game ever, you have the resources. I BELIEVE IN YOU!
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    Bud no one will disagree with you here, and you are being no more or less critical than the rest of us. The sad fact is: that for all of the reasons you've stated and more, EA Sports UFC 3 is a failure of a game. The fact that THQ did a far superior job in every facet of UFC Undisputed 3 back in 2009 on an older console with older technology speaks VOLUMES. It's not just sad, it's disappointing. Not ONE of EA's four MMA games has come close to THQ'S masterpiece, and THQ did everything in UFC Undisputed 3 with more depth AND a simplified control scheme(not to mention having a Simulation setting for realistic fights) One of EA Sports UFC 3's biggest flaws is that it's not a simulation fighting game, nor does it even have that setting. Fights don't feel intense or dangerous because there are no: one-shot KO's, or even grazing shots. Every fight is the same: 10 knockdowns before a KO can occur, it's boring. EA needs to
    overhaul everything and start from scratch with a new engine designed for fighting games.
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  • The animations are really clunky in the grappling,and the stand up looks worse with time due to punches being seemingly pulled on connect. No follow thru. Ground and pound looks terrible due to this and no reaction from the opponents head moving to show damage. But i will say the the health stats are an improvement and are not as bad as stated. Every fight isn't 10 knockdowns before a knockout. I've gotten plenty of flash ko's after fainting a strike and letting my opponent throw a combo to lower his stamina just to catch him flush with a power shot ko. You won't get them when they have high stamina unless its a vulnerability frame and a high power shot to counter but if you go in smart looking to take advantage they are more than possible. I understand the frustrations though.
  • I've also found that having significantly better ground stats doesn't always equate into a visible advantage on the ground. If Player 2 has 100 stand up speed and I have 70 stand up speed, the difference is obvious. However, if I have 100 TOP and Player 2 has 70 BOT I don't always notice an obvious difference. Player 2 is able to out transition me even when I have a significant stat advantage. It sometimes feels like the ground stats don't matter. With the stand up, the stat difference feels obvious.
  • I seen plenty of the same type of complaints/feedback being given to one of the developers on one of the forums and thr guy was more or less in complete denial of how crap the gameplay mechanics are, he partly agreed with one person but it wasnt really mechanics related it was a comment about how players cant perform actions as fast as the ai or something along those lines.

    I really dont like this company for how crap they are at admitting and taking ownership of issues.

    The longest amount of time i played ufc was when i was new to it and thought that i must just need to learn more about the game but the better i got the more faults i could see at least in the single player aspect, ufc 2 had its issues but i enjoyed the gameplay in that game a lot more even though there wasnt as many different ways to try set up counters, the dev disputes the fact that the ai doesnt read and instantly react to player input but did u ever have an ai player on the ground for example and go to throw a punch or an elbow only for the ai to react unrealistically fast and arm trap u as soon as you press the button.

    Big failure of a game. Start taking ownership and fix the problems ea or pass the game on to a more passionate team of developers or at least test the damn game properly, its garbage.

    Plus there is absolutely no advantage felt when you have the ai cornered against the cage, i hold forward to get in as close as i can to strike but the ai can backlounge and avoid punches even though there is no space to backlounge and my character seems to get pushed backwards, not from the ai pushing me but just slides backwards away from the ai.

    Complete trash.
  • It's bad because you have no other choice if you want to play a MMA game. It's the EA way, buy exclusive rights, make the same game for 10 years.
  • Everybody here is pretty based. I did my part by not buying UFC 3. I was going to get a next gen just to play ufc 4. I'm glad I read this thread.
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    This thread is originally from 2018 so I'm going to close it down to avoid further necroposting. Please create a new post to discuss game mechanics you'd like the team to take a deeper look into.
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