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New league (XBOX)

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edited November 2018
I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining a PFL type league I was thinking of running. For those of you who do not know PFL has a regular season where each fighter fights twice and then a playoffs to determine the season champ.

For my league each user would be allowed to create a fighter for each of the divisions in the league, which will be HW,LHW,MW,WW,LW and FBW. Your created fighter’s stats would be capped. Fighters have four categories in the game: Striking,stamina, grappling and health. One category can max at 90, one at 80, one at 70 and the final one at 60.

I would be looking for 12 fighters in each division before we would start. If you are interested or have any questions let me know.

Setting up a discord for the league, nothing is set up there yet but join if you want in so you know what is going on

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