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CAF Stand & Bang fights - DIV 5/6 standard strikers - Xbox one

Hi, I don't particularly enjoy the grappling mechanics on UFC 3 (hence why I don't play ranked) but I really enjoy the striking and I enjoy competitive matches, which doesn't happen so often in quick match. So I thought creating a CAF championship in which everyone can allocate a certain amount of skill points, combo levels, move levels and perks to their created fighter might be a way of getting some like-minded opponents to compete against. If you're interested add me or send me a message: Gamertag: I valerio I.

For those of you who are interested in the specifics of the mechanics I've set up, I'll paste it below:


Heights & skill points (I've assumed that having greater reach is an advantage, so taller fighters get fewer skill points.)

170cm height – 175 reach – 1285 skill points

173cm height – 178 reach – 1280 skill points

175cm height – 180 reach – 1275 skill points

178cm height – 183 reach – 1270 skill points

180cm height – 185 reach – 1265 skill points

185cm height – 188 reach – 1260 skill points

188cm height – 193 reach – 1255 skill points

191cm height – 196 reach – 1250 skill points


Stat minimum for anything is 82.

Maximum no. of 100 stats allowed is two.

Switch stance & footwork cannot have a greater than 15 disparity.


Maximum collective perk total = 10.

(Could be 5 perks with level 2’s, or 2 perks with level 5’s, or any other combination.)


Bare minimum required: Level 1: Jabs, hooks and uppercuts to both body and head. Lead & rear leg, body and head kicks.

Total level of all striking moves is 50. You can either opt for more moves (versatility) at the cost of their levels, or choose fewer moves (more basic/predictable) with higher levels – your choice.


Total combos levels = 8.
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